CAS Adjustable Stock

CAS Adjustable Stock

Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in Portugal

We certify that all components used in the production of the gunstock are made from the highest quality materials, from aluminum to steel and plastic.
The CAS adjustable gunstock allows personalization adjustments of the stock according to the shooter and their preferences.
CAS is designed, engineered and manufactured in Portugal with the latest developed machining techniques.


Every small adjustment counts

The fully adjustable CAS gunstock.
Every small adjustment counts.

1 – Pad Plate System
The pad plate system allows adjustments on the recoil pad, allowing for it to rise or descend, to be adjusted left and right, to rotate on itself or to adjust the pitch.
2 – Pipe Frame
The stock length is adjustable through a milimetric scale and the shaft slides on a proper system of bushings;
Additionally, a short and smaller version is available to ensure adjustability to the shooter’s needs.
3 . Comb adjuster
Our adjustable comb allows horizontal and vertical adjustment.
4 – Frame
The high-tech cut frame has different versions: standard, shortned and extended to reach an optimal adjustment of the gun balance on the CAS stock.
The standard frame is available in Niquel and Black colors, but any color combination is possible.
5 – Handedness System
This system allows a correct alignment according to the dominant hand of the shooter.